Just over 3 years ago, Dayniah met and married a man from Jamaica and became pregnant. I knew that her disease would progress more rapidly as a result of the pregnancy and, perhaps, even kill her, but Dayniah insisted on carrying this pregnancy to term. She is one of the only women with her diagnosis to have successfully given birth to a child. She now raises her daughter alone, with the help of her mother. Dayniah is not rich (or even middle class) and yet she manages to do this while taking the time to work towards a Master's degree at NYU. In addition, Dayniah had an article published October 2006 in the "Scholar Times", the official annual scholarship program newsletter. The article was entitled "My Baby, My Life" and tells of her experience giving birth to her beautiful daughter Akasha.

Dayniah's spine has been collapsing and without dangerous surgery, her spine and ribs would have crushed her heart and lungs within the next year. February 6th, , 2008 Dayniah underwent life and body altering surgery. This was a very dangerous procedure with much risk associated with it. Once again she has defied all odds and is doing well, although clearly she still has a very long way to go in her recovery. It is our hope that this procedure might allow her more time to inspire and teach us all. She will need to be out of work for 6 months after this surgery and will not receive a salary during this time. Those of us who have been touched by Dayniah are actively working to find means of support for her during her recovery. We have already received donations from several people, although there is a long way to go.

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