Applicants requesting assistance must fill the following criteria:

  • Proof of a chronic disabling disease in the form of a statement from their physician.   
  • Must be facing a catastrophic event such as acute illness or injury as
    documented by their physician.   
  • Proof of financial eligibility as follows:
    - Monthly income of less than $1500 AND
    - Monthly expenses that exceed this amount.

Note : Financial assistance will be limited to medical and basic living expenses as follows:

  • Not to exceed 6 months duration.
  • Maximum monthly payment for real expenses of $2000, exact amount to be determined
    based on proof of need.
  • Must show proof that medical expenses are not covered by any form of insurance
    and are related to treatment of the catastrophic event.
  • Period of assistance may be renewed at the discretion of the board.

Contact: for more information.


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