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Dayniah's courageous life has inspired the formation of a non-profit charitable foundation, named in her honor, The Dayniah Fund, Inc. It's vision is to help lift up the lives of persons with disabilities whose uplifting stories have inspired us. To achieve this vision, the mission of this non-profit organization is to support persons with progressive debilitating diseases, like Dayniah, faced with catastrophic events (such as surgery or acute illness), educate the public about the challenges of people with disabilities and support research to find answers to help reduce the pain and suffering of disabling diseases and conditions.

Dayniah will be the subject of one of the first projects of the foundation: the creation of a documentary which tells the story of her extraordinary life and all that it represents. Production of the film is already underway! Part of this story will be about her spinal surgery, which will, hopefully add 10 years to her life. However, her recovery after surgery will force her to be out of work for 6 months. So, one of our other early projects will be to help support Dayniah during this difficult time.

It is our hope that the documentary will not only be seen widely, but also will reach children in schools all across the nation and throughout the world. Dayniah has devoted her life to education and, through the documentary, her life will also serve to educate others.

It is with great humility that we request that you show your belief in Dayniah's life purpose and honor her by joining us in donating to this worthy cause. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law as allowed by a NYS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations can be made online by following the link above or via check made out to "The Dayniah Fund" and can be mailed to:

The Dayniah Fund, Inc.
115 East 61st Street, Suite 10A
New York, NY 10065

Thank you so much for caring and giving.

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